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leshy's Journal

I'm just a roaming...
1920's, adventures, after midnight, alaska, alleys, alterative lifestyles, andy kaufman, anita loos, anthropology, anti-dubya, anxiety, archaeology, art, art history, astrology, autumn, bad dreams, bad seeds, bamboo, breathing, buddhism, cadbury creme eggs, camping, candy, cats, chinese food, chocolate truffles, classic nickelodeon, clouds, comfort foods, controversy, courtney love, dan, day dreaming, death, earth tones, eastern thought, endometriosis, ewoks, exploring, faeries, fairbanks, fairies, fairy tales, fantasizing, feather boas, fine-dining, flaming lips, flappers, fun-dip, fuzzy slippers, gardening, ghosts, glamour, green party, green tea, guitar, halloween, harry potter, hauntings, herbs, hiking, history, hot baths, hot-chocolate, iced-coffee, insomnia, intuitive, joan baez, lakes, lavender, left-handed, life, love, meaning, meaningless, meditation, mental, mountains, muppets, music, musicals, my husband, mythical creatures, nail polish, nature, nc-mountains, new-age, nick cave, nightlife, nightowl, no-war, observing, old houses, open-minds, opinionated, orgasms, pain, painting, pale, panic-attacks, paranoia, pasta, philosophy, pink floyd, politics, poltregeist, pretty shoes, psychics, pugs, radiohead, red, renaissance faires, restless, reverse psychology, row boats, salmon, salvador dali, sensuality, serenity, sex, shimmer, singing, sleep addiction, spankings, sparkles, stanly kubrick, stress-relief, sugar addict, sunshine, supernatural and psychic phenomena, surviving, taurus, the godfather, the shining, tim burton, tori amos, willy wonka, wilmington